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One of Atlanta's most popular neighborhoods, located just north of the downtown convention district. The neighborhood began construction in 1905 as Atlanta's first automobile oriented community and ended as one of Atlanta's premier residential areas. Developer Edwin Ansley patterned the entire neighborhood after the North Druid Hills area. The entire neighborhood is a National Historic District. Noted for spacious, renovated early American homes, with sloping manicured lawns and cobblestone walkways. The Ansley area is probably one of the most enmeshed neighborhoods in Atlanta, and only the brave should venture in without a map. Immense gardens and convenient parks encircle this majestic area creating a wooded oasis in the heart of the city. Easy accessibility to 75 and 85, nightlife attractions and superb restaurants.

Ansley Park, Georgia. Ansley Park remains green and quiet, an oasis of an in-town residential neighborhood, surrounded by the concrete and steel confines of growing Atlanta.

Ansley Park is the first residential neighborhood bordering Peachtree Street when heading north from downtown Atlanta. It is bounded on the south by Fourteenth Street's hotels and apartment buildings. On its eastside, Piedmont Park's 150 acres and the Atlanta Botanical Garden are its neighbors.
Just east of Peachtree Street, with its towering office buildings and bustling Arts Center, Ansley Park provides a refuge of winding streets, verdant parks and islands, and an eclectic collection of homes ranging from modest bungalows to gracious mansions.

Varied architectural styles, as well as the established trees and gardens, add to Ansley Park's visual charm. Some of the more imposing structures are acknowledged copies of European dwellings Italian villas and English country houses-that struck the fancies of those well-traveled Atlantans "who commissioned skilled architects to design their dream houses.

Other Ansley Park homes that are smaller in scale, from Craftsman-style bungalows to utilitarian duplexes, help to keep the neighborhood's feet solidly on the ground. A few dramatically contemporary homes demonstrate Ansley Park's dynamic nature.

Even the names of the streets reflect this variety: a few numbered streets intertwine among those with designations that are characteristically Atlantan, such as Inman and Peachtree Circles, and those that are European in lineage, such as Lafayette Drive, Westminster, and The Prado. The latter three were among the winning entries in Edwin P. Ansley's .1904 contest to name the streets of his new real estate development, which he originally named Peachtree Garden.

Edwin P. Ansley would be proud of how his ambitious project has survived and flourished. Ansley Park has matured from a treeless suburb in its early years, to its fashionable heyday in the 1920s, through the hard times and housing crunch of World War II when many fine homes were transformed into rooming houses. The neighborhood began a resurgence in the 1960s and now it stands steadfast as a vital residential neighborhood listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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